Where is your birthday today?

Enter birth date to compute exoplanet birthdays.

What is a birthday?

The instant you were born, every planet in the universe was at a particular point of its orbit. Every time a planet circles its sun and returns to that some point, one of its years have passed, and it is PARTY TIME. If you have a different definition of a birthday, perhaps an Earth-centric one, then too bad but we will still invite you to ALL OUR MANY PARTIES.

Have you factored in relativity?

There's a reason that I'm not going to tell you where in its orbit each planet was at your birth, just when it will get back there again.

How many exoplanets are known?

Check out the exoplanet catalog. “It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.”

Aren't there exoplanets with very snappy orbits?

Yes. Yes there are. You are surprisingly well informed. These are known as the PARTY PLANETS where it is your birthday pretty much every other day. I've excluded them from the list here for now since frankly your age on these planets may be demoralizing.

Is your math correct?

Oh absolutely. Take my word for it. Has the internet ever lied to you? Bug reports to github and snarky comments to twitter please.